As the group in charge of “cadastre,” our first challenge was creating a file of Asuncion’s Metropolitan area, which takes much more than just putting AutoCAD files together.

As a developing country, our nation does not possess the adequate organization to facilitate this type of information, meaning we were forced to physically approach each of the 36 municipalities involved.

After 2 weeks of fighting with the municipality’s bureaucratic system, we finally had access to the “state cadastre” or “catastro de hacienda,” as we call it. This state cadaster only has the city’s outline, including streets, blocks and lot’s; lacking two important things: topography and hydrography of the area. Luckily, through a state-military institution called the Geographic Military Service, we found both of these items, as well as the existent vial infrastructure, allowing us to finalize our task of joining all the basic information needed for this project.

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