The approach of this analysis of the Asunción’s metropolitan area intends to illustrate graphically the principal development axes, understanding “Axes” like a line defined by two space meeting points around which it is possible to arrange shapes and spaces.

Within this concept we can watch  it’s existance in different ways. For example, we can see vial axes, characterized by  beeing extenses comunications lines that communicate cities and countries. We can also find water axes, wich are great ways to exchange and supply all kind of products among Paraguayan cities and other Nations.  We can find transport axes too, in wich there are different types and among them emerges the concept of node. The node is composed by  the Asunción’s bus terminal, the Silvio Petirossi International Airport and the different great bus stops in the metropolitan area. There are also electric axes, wich leave a pretty aggressive print in the scenery and wich can be observed from aerial views.

The Asuncion metropolitan area and their connections with the urban sprawl




In the Central Department converge the country’s principals trunk routes, wich terminals are located in Asunción.The Mcal. López (Year 1944) Route I and Mcal. Estigarribia (Year 1962) Route II links it directly through its branches with the South and the East area and with Argentina and Brasil.The Transchaco (beggining of the 50s)  Route IX  and the bridge over the Paraguayan river links it with the Occidental region.


Therefore we conclude that the “Axes” are very important in the city formation and in it’s territorial expansion, in the provision of the cities and above all in the residents quality of life, in a good or in a bad way, taking transportation to those areas, or contaminating the water and the air.

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