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Project is situated in suburban area of Wenduine, our area of interenst is southern part for the city situated beyond
road ring. It has two car roads and 3 paedestrian connections to the city centre. the reason why we choose the place is because
it is remotea without much communication with surrounding areas or city centre.
Totaly there are 101 houses on area approximately 300 x 300 meters.

Our microstrategy consists of adding volume to current structure based on diagram of use of the gardens.We found out that areas which are most
unused are situated between houses or the the edge of the site.

We develop 4 fifferent strategies how to work with houses.01-add volumes between houses. 02- add volumes in the gardens. 03 – connect more houses with volume.
04 – work with house itself – interior or extention.

The strategie was tested in different suburban areas – particulary Wenduine, De Haan and Brugges. Suprisingly even if the areas looks similar, spatial
dimentions of sites varies so that is the reason why it is necessary to choose most suitible system.

In the area all houses have approximately similar dimensions and it is very expensive to affors house because of huge pressure for coastal market.New volumes
would serve as family extension unit for related family member (student, senior) related family ( son or daughter with family), uncomplete related family
with single income, senior cohousing or shared volume.

As a comparism of our fou project we used street scape territories. It can be compared how our proposals influences spacial patterns.



Petra Holubová – Make it dense

Project is situated in suburban area of Wenduine – small town on the Belgian coast. It consists of
3 different strategies.
First intervention represents peadestrian shortcut which improves difficult connectivity between
area and town center. Shortcut was designed on the place of currently huge buildins site.
In the past this place was connected with the core of the city. By connection of all important routes path was
created. It devides big building site into two parts which guarantee that future project
will have suitible scale suitible for area. Towards main bussy road the shortcut is visually closed by 3 new trees and on
the other side it is opened to area.

Second intervetnion is common house serving as a community and gathering
center in the hearth of area. One of the problems of suburban area is that people do not have
possibility to meet in common indoor space. Common house is
a place where meetings, celebrations or sports events take place.
It can serve also as a lunch place for seniors from the area
who can meet with each other and socialize with young families with children
using playgroung nearby.
Final and most important proposal is changible housing structure inserted in current urban
fabric. Proposal helps to create more opportunities for affordible housing since prices of coastal
are astronomical.Volume has 3 main spatial dimentions. 1 level volume is for senior, student or other 1 person living alone.
Moreover it inserts new typology and spacially different units in the area where all houses have same spatial dimentions.
2level volume serves for couple, divorces mother with child etc. and 3 level house is for 4 member family.
Modular house is mainly dedicated to people whose family live in Wenduine and they wish to live in area but do not have enough
money to buy family house there so it is basicaly extension to family house with another flat unit.
Place which is mostly unused is inbetween the houses. People usually plant there
hedges or build walls to protect privacy and intimicy of inner gargens. The volume is situated in this unused area and at the same time
prevent direct view to intimite space of garden. Volume keep inner garden
area free because it is the place where all activities happen. Volume intervene neighbour property,for exchange a staight boarderbetween sites is
modified by land readjustment.




Kamila Vaníčková – Transification of Wenduine Suburbia




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