Team 6 / Müzeyyen Özkaya

Micro Strategy

Briefly described, our strategy can be characterized with:

- providing affordable housing for young singles and families;

- providing affordable working spaces for enterprising people;

- decreasing car dependency within suburbia;

- transforming the suburb’s street from a “non-place” to an active space;

- going back from car-scale to human-scale;

- increasing social interaction within the neighbourhood using architectural and spatial methods.   



People who live in Wenduine;  are generally old people. They  come from immediate vicinit, they have second house in Wenduine.The houses in wenduine are very expensive . So young people  can not afford buy this house. In addition , people who live or work here and do not have a property yet. And people who live in here want to earn money . I think if we build small house in here , the houses have low price, young people can live here. Also they  can grow  vegetables ,fruits and  trees and take care of gardens. They can provide  security .So they can earn  money from here  . The small houses also will make a  connection area each  neigbour houses. This area will be more social area . Therefore old people  live more enjoyable than before.

      How can I put small houses in area? Taking  into account the plans of existing houses., Especially I detected more useless areas, next to the garage  and  frondyard  but I think that small  houses can not be  block  to  other houses.     How can be houses ? Houses can be small and movable . Because they should be open to changes. The cost of houses  should have low prices .so that they can be rented less prices. Thus  I decided to make modular house. How can be modular houses? I chose size of the smallest door . This doors size is  65 cm . This module consist of panels. This panels size 65cm x 240 cm.. I have two  modules ; big module  and small  module . Big module’s area is 6,5 m2 ,small module’s area is 3.5 m2.


We can put this modules side by side. And the houses can expand  as we want . All panels can move and can rotate around itselfs. İt can be wall or door as we want. And ,  we can removable this panels.

Houses Situation after intervention

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