Wenduine is a town that aparently seems to be perfect, if you visit it and ask their neighbors they will tell you that it’s perfect so… how to improve their ways of living if they think they have the perfect one now? After some interviews and researches, we found that most of them only used cars for shopping once a week, and others only used it for going to work so… if most time of the day there are no cars using streets, why keep having them as we know them nowadays? People complained about the lack of spaces where children’s could play and also the small amount of field for cultivating or just having a nice place to seat and spend hours reading.

Is hard to make people stop using cars radically but with little interventions as the one i’m showing here we will see that little by little we can modify people perception of transportations, reaching a point where they will feel no need to use cars even for going to workbecause they will see that having a nice, social neighborhood life will be more pleasant than having their cars in front of their doors.

The project consist basically in reducing the amount of cars in some neighborhood forbidding the use of them, or limiting them radically.

With this proposal we have lots of space in streets so the idea is giving them to the neighbors so they can use it in a social way, so some laws about this new surface will be established, like the amount of minimum meters of growing area.

After this intervention all garages would stay available and as we can see in the house plan, we have now the posibility of having bigger living rooms, or to create a new polivalent room.

As now we don’t have ways to access to houses in some transportation, the proposal will also include a propose of impulsing ecologic way of transportation, so a new paratransit line will be created. The posibility of get houses with segways, bikes, or just walking would help neighborhood to improve and be a pioneer

After including my micro strategy, now is time to improve the area with some activities that will reforce the main idea, and as i am forbidding cars… a place for storing them is needed, but not just a place for storing, also a place where to change to another transportantion modus. And if we are going to create a new important place to do all this, why not also adding activities like a café or a book shop. because right now the are has a big lack of social activities because for having a coffee they have to go to the coast.


So in this way, i decided to create a exchanger for the area but without losing the connection with nature and without affecting daily operation of it. A buidling wih might be almost hidden undergrounf but that will suggest inhabitants to go in and discover what’s going on it. So the main points of the projects where naturality and transparence.

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