Relationship for Future Town_Kazuya Uchida

My keyword is “relationship”. To sustain this city, its attractiveness, promoting young people as new residents are needed. It means not only promoting young but also making new relationship. Local residents will hate them without relationship because of different generation of culture.

 I analyzed public-private relationship in our location. I recognized “outside parking” is the space where change their character public to private gradually. Their garages are not used for cars, they put something as shed.  And I am convinced that character of these area have good connection to making relationship and also team strategy, transportation.

 Architecture proposal by 3steps.

Introducing para-transit and making intervention garage and around there, new town will appear. I will improve this town by 3step proposal, pocket space, share garden, renovation works on garage.

In Share garden, they open part of garden where face to road for pedestrian. At the same time, some of the gardens expand to the road. With the pocket space and Share garden, road will change to carved one.

In pocket space, 2 housings next to each other share this space. They can use for parking, playground, garden, terrace, exhibition… Residents can visit this area freely and participate to activity in there.

Garage is closed tightly like other room now. I change the function of garage depend on residents. For example for active retired it will be used as office, for elderly sunroom and for new residents an atelier. There are advantages because usually garages do not have function for construction and if we open the garage to the town we can keep their privacy of housing area.

Architecture proposal appears as putting visible function to existing town. I propose in some scale but as same operation. Big scale is pocket space, middle scale is garage and small scale is window.

Space will be continuous one. Road is carved one, eyes go to these space naturally. And they have eye connection outside to housing. Because there is visible garage, may be it express residents’ characteristic and living most clearly.





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