Free lands are precisely filled up with a pattern of suburban housing with gardens, factories style farms and other low density elements. By clear form of organization identity has been lost and process of sub-urbanization of agriculture land is going on. The historical period in which we live faces us with conditions and challenges that could generate substantial changes in our way of thinking and a different, more contemporary approach to design activities. The economic crisis has revealed the limitations of a development model and, at the same time, the environmental emergency is forcing us to radically rethink our way of confronting the future. This problematic makes us understand that many things will no longer be as they were before. In our design we try to  focus on rethink a land use and by experience of camping create a new rules into suburbia.



by Jagoda Krawczyk


Street is a space where temporarily and permeability is mixing together and accidental interactions are possible. Suburbia is a place where we cannot talk about existing of street, but just road used by cars. No other action are taking place there. Territorial system are very strict and doesn’t allow for deviation from adopted rules and principles. Boundaries have a deep meaning and are creating with not only physical boarders but also physical, where passing is not possible /pathway to house, small front garden indeed to be a visiting card of householders, small bushes separate plot from pedestrian pathway/.
By applying on the site new vocabulary as shelter, green house and thalassocentre the scale of neighborhood is changing and also new function has influence on creating a street. The social control is increasing and territorial boundaries are changed, where permanent inhabitant are allow to use shortcuts through properties. Configuration of spaces are relocated. Garden is transformed as an outside living room, where is possible to put a furniture as a greenhouse – a guest house. Live is coming inside the neighborhood  Boarders has a different meaning and became a productive boundaries with potential. New actors are introduced and mixed with existing ones. Each neighborhood appear as a small village space and Wenduine has a new identity.

Also turning development on sustainable way may be a chance maintain and change the atmosphere of suburbia. Re-scale the street with a green house or green shelter will make it different, more welcome. Boundaries can be not longer a boundaries to hide our privacy, but to produce nourishment for neighborhood use. That also could create a space of dialogue to exchange our goods.



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