Collective Housing//As an activator of residual spaces//As an urban regenerator//As a stich between the formal city and the informal city  

The exercise:

The experience is centered in the reoccupation and appropriation of the intermediate places of the city, produced by the clash between the urban weave and the topography, encounters and disagreements of the formal and the informal, road barriers and geographical limits of the city, aiming to its reinsertion in the urban weave.


In this case, we will concentrate in the disparity of weaves and the rupture of urban continuity in the presence of an geographical limit and the road barrier, which are situations that spaces that are generally invaded or unoccupied, lacking an identity.


The study of the site will be focused on the old town center of Petare and it’s relation to El Llanito, neighborhoods the Sucre Municipality.  The space capable to relate these two fragments of the city is concentrated on the riverbanks, both to the north and the south, the culmination of an avenue of great flow, such of the Río de Janeiro and a sum of residua and fragmented spaces that remain completely anonymous and alien to any of the dynamics that exist in the area.


The proposal is to regenerate this sector, establishing stiches between the discontinuous weaves, the compact one of the old town and the disperse and isolated one of El Llanito, in addition to proposing a housing solution as a trigger of new social and urban dynamics.


It is the opportunity to approach the social topic, related to topic of occupation and hybrid programs in this kind of intermediate place.  More than just visualizing the intervention as a local and specific of solving a housing requirement, it is about irradiating the impact, conceiving a system that is capable of occupying interstitial spaces of the city, or fractures in the weave patterns, that are so common in the city of Caracas.


The methodology:

We will work in teams, 14 teams of two persons each.

7 teams will work in the south area of the old town and 7 teams will work in the north area of El Llanito.

In addition to the teams of two persons, each group must work with another team from the opposite area, so that they can define strategies to develop the riverbanks and specially to establish connections (presently non-existant) between both sectors of the city.

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