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Payphone.rar // Cabina.rar

Grupo JR_07. Payphone.rar // Cabina.rar

Mª Ángeles Freytas García, Juan Carlos Lagares Cáceres, Verónica Rodríguez Vergara y Carlos Sánchez Sanabria.

Asignatura Otras Tecnologías 4ºB ETSA Sevilla 4-FEB-2013.


There is, inherent in every metropolitan area, a hidden system under the city movement. These are the telephone boxes or payphones. It is not just a particular “opportunity whole” inside the city, but instead, telephone boxes becomes strategic points waiting to be discovered. The clue is in their nature of small items connected that make sense in the complexion of the area in general as the existing network between them.

Since their invention, the amount of telephone boxes has being growing in the city. They have construct places with a lot of people, talking and waiting their turn. The key of the project is in understanding the cabins as a complex network already existing in the city, living together with society moves. The importance is not in the object but in recovering the flows of people that existed before the commercialization of mobile phones.

Payphone.rar // Cabina.rar (Video introducing the concepts)

¿What would happen if we compress telephone boxes, as they were files? ¿What if we concentrate all their nature into a flagstone? We bet on the future with the project cabinas.RAR where technology is introduced as an alternative to oxidized urban cubicles. The objective is changing present relationships and looking for new ways of communication and information far from mobile phones. These spaces, where people go around telephone boxes as they are avoiding obstacles, need to be changed. We bet on accommodating new functions capable of agglomerating people again. In some way, this project look forward converting these spaces from dispersion to connection.


RH_08_CONECTADOS_Parque Riberas del Guadaira

CG_E_05 – Siestus





Enhancement of the Old Estación de Cádiz

The Old ‘Estación de Cádiz’, also known as ‘Estación de San Bernardo’, worked as a railway station from 1902 to 1991. Nowadays its mighty wrought iron roof shelters a precarious, temporary marketplace.

Our project is based on the idea of turning this enclosed place into an open, public space, able to change its own configuration and allow different uses, including the current one: morning marketplace, afternoon leisure center, and nighttime events.

This is possible through the recovery of the spatial peculiarity of a railway station. When the platforms are clear, the space behind the roof is wide and open, but when the trains arrive they fragment it into corridors. Recalling the building’s former activity and underlining its link to the city’s historic urban fabric, we proposed the formal recovery of the railways, and designed a new, prefabricated market stall that would slide over them.

The main structure of that stalls consists of two rings of laminated wood, with load beams and braces. That structure is wrapped with a corrugated sheet, rock wool and a waterproof layer. Both inner and exterior claddings consist of phenolic plywood boards. The facades are made of foldable, cellular polycarbonate, high light transmission panels.


JR-09 Final Post. chenille

FINAL POST – iJoB Temporary Offices in Sevilla

RH_09_Urban Toy_Fill the Gap(3)

RH_09_Urban Toy_Fill the Gap(2)


Team_JR08_Final Post.

With our project we want emphasize the value of historial spaces in our cities. With a clear purpose of “invasion” of the public space, we want make the authorities be aware of different ways of making architecture.Nowadays, with the economil crisis, it is time to INTENSIFY the talent.





CG-E-02 Post 2. Final

Hola. Somos Juan Antonio Gragera Carrasco, Alejandro Márquez Rodríguez, Álvaro Ruiz Ruiz y Francisco Zapata Jaraíz.

Este es el segundo y último post donde mostramos el resultado final del ejercicio desarrollado durante el curso.

Se trata de una pieza compuesta de 2 elementos, uno para las aristas y otro para los vértices. Es un elemento combinable, personalizable, no requiere cimentación. Con este elemento tratamos de cualificar espacios urbanos sin ningún tipo de tratamiento. Sirve para cualquier tipo de ambiente y apenas se ve afectado por la topografía. Es un elemento ideal para parques, jardines y frentes marítimos, creando un edificio juguete que puede ser disfrutado por cualquiera.


Hello. We Juan Antonio Gragera Carrasco, Alejandro Márquez Rodríguez, Álvaro Ruiz Ruiz and Francisco Zapata Jaraíz.

This is the second and final post where we show the final result of the exercise and during the course.

It is a piece composed of two elements, one to another for the edges and vertices. It is a combined element, customizable, requires no foundation. With this element we try to qualify urban spaces without any treatment. Fits any type of environment and hardly affected by topography. It is an ideal item for parks, gardens and waterfronts, creating a building toy that can be enjoyed by anyone.

iPals’ proposal for cultural & social regeneration in Seville

Recuperación de solares vacíos RH_01

MO_01: CC ON O


Nos encontramos ante una actuación para la puesta en valor y en carga del Paseo de Nuestra Señora de la O. Desde sus orígenes ésta ha sido una zona de servidumbre, desvaída, trasera de edificación, un lugar con una situación privilegiada, junto al río, en el barrio de Triana, pero sin actividad. Proponemos una mirada al pasado, al lugar, a su actividad, proponiendo dar un lugar y un sentido al mercado itinerante que se produce en la zona, atraer y fomentar el arte, los oficios tradicionales y las nuevas ideas. Transformar ese lugar en un foco de actividad artística en todos los sectores, música, pintura, teatro, un lugar donde exponer, actuar, pensar. Para conseguir todo ello proponemos intervenir con una sola unidad para múltiples modelos, consiguiendo con una sola pieza de GRC, realizada con mortero tipo TX-Active, mediante variadas combinaciones, espacios pensados para todas esas actividades antes citadas. Trabajamos con estos materiales para poder tener las características constructivas y ecológicas, creando una trama y colorido que nos recuerde los orígenes del lugar donde nos encontramos.
We meet in intervention to increase the value of the river side “Nuestra Señora de la O”. From its origins, it was born like a poor zone. It is a place in a really nice place, near the river, into the neighborhood of Triana, but it had not activities. We propose a looking back, and recall the artisans, making an intervention where the people can draw, think, play music, make a theater… All of that is making with only one piece of GRC, construction with mortar TX-Active, creating so many different spaces.

CG03: GRAFIARQ: (Fátima Henares Gómez, Noelia Hernández Pérez, Verónica Mª Palenzuela Luis, Mª del Carmen Uceda Torres

GRAFIARQ: (Fátima Henares Gómez, Noelia Hernández Pérez, Verónica Mª Palenzuela Luis, Mª del Carmen Uceda Torres


El chabolismo en Andalucía es una realidad muy palpable. Las administraciones no tienen censados el número de inmigrantes que viene en ellos pero se estiman en cientos de miles.

Nuestro proyecto se centra en la localidad de Lepe, municipio español de la provincia de Huelva, Andalucia.Se encuentra en el suroeste de la provincia. Cuenta con 27.241 habitantes de los cuales el 19% son inmigrantes (5150 habitantes). En Su mayoría son subsaharianos. El mayor incentivo ha sido el cultivo de la fresa (principal fuente económica junto al turismo). Nos vamos a centrar en las chabolas construidas por los propios inmigrantes, teniendo en cuenta sus condiciones de vida.


The chabolismo in Andalucia is a very palpable reality. The administrations don’t have the number of immigrants registered, but they are estimated in hundreds of thousands.
Our project centres on Lepe’s locality, Spanish municipality of the province of Huelva, Andalucia. It is in the southwest of the province. It possesses 27.241 inhabitants of which 19 % is immigrant (5150 inhabitants). In the main they are sub-Saharan. The major incentive has been the culture of the strawberry (principal economic source close to the tourism). We go away to centring in the shanties constructed by the own immigrants, bearing his living conditions in mind.





CG 03 GRAFIARQ: (Fátima Henares Gómez, Noelia Hernández Pérez, Verónica Mª Palenzuela Luis, Mª del Carmen Uceda Torres

GRAFIARQ: (Fátima Henares Gómez, Noelia Hernández Pérez, Verónica Mª Palenzuela Luis, Mª del Carmen Uceda TorresCG03 Formato 2


RH-06 895-SN-895


This project arises from the idea of creating habitable modules from precast concrete blocks. The resulting modules emerge from the combination of five standard pieces (50 cm wide and 3 metres high) that are stuck together using a post-tensioning system, to form each of the modules. Initially, these modules were planned to be pieces of urban furniture, but we decided to take advantage of the space they shelter inside and endow some of them with installations, getting functional modules as a result. This way of construction allows the end user himself, as he knows the possible existing combinations of pieces, the one who orders the required blocks to get the Living Module built.

Angélica Juan Muñoz – Antonio López Vázquez – Jesús Mª López-Ladrón Gª de la Borbolla – Nazaret Millán García



RH-05 Public Awareness Platform

CG 05 – Siestus – lost in the echo
In this post, we will see the SIESTUS taking shape. How we make this project come true, and why…
Check the lastest update on our proposal on the link below

structure & grasshopper

The conception of the external structure and the whole project is based on the use of PARAMETRIC DESIGN in architecture.

Grasshopper® is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, it requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows us to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring. (Click on the upper link for more information about generative modelling)

sleeping pod

Original and innovative, a sleeping pod offers a sanctuary for rest in an otherwise busy enviroment. The power-nap has been repeatedly proven to significantly increase an individual´s work capacity. An inexpensive way to lessen the boredom and fatigue of a wait wherever and for whatever reason.

Flamenco en el espacio público



JR03 [post2]_RIBs in seville port unit


Para un primer contacto, mostramos una aproximación a nuestro entorno con un recorrido desde el Aljarafe, la zona más alta de Sevilla, hasta nuestra escuela, punto desde el que partimos para trabajar.

A continuación nos acercamos a nuestra zona  de intervención, en el centro de Sevilla. Con un simple paseo por la calle Tetuán  localizamos la falta de espacios dedicados a la “cultura callejera”, pero la gran influencia de la misma. Además se convierte en un sitio de paso, donde no hay lugar para el descanso, ni para el disfrute del arte en la calle.

Decidimos situarnos en el ensanchamiento que existe en el cruce de la calle Tetuán con la calle Odonell, ya que nuestra propuesta pretende crear una “desaceleración” en el ritmo de la calle, un lugar para el detenimiento, para la mejora de la calidad de vida.

Se trata de un dispositivo que cualifica el espacio, ofreciendo al mismo tiempo un lugar para exponer el arte, para guardar los enseres necesarios  para su expresión, y para el deleite del mismo.


For a first contact, we show an approach to our environment with a distance from the Aljarafe, the highest area of Seville, to our school, the point we set to work from.

Then we approached our  area in the center of Seville. With a simple walk down Tetuan street we locate there is no spaces dedicated to the “street culture” and no place for rest or for the enjoyment of art  neither.

We decided to situate our proyect in the widening that exist between  Tetuan  and Odonell streets, as our idea pretends to create a “slowdown” in the rhythm of the street, a place to  stay, for improving the quality of life .

It is a gadget that qualifies the space, in which you can exhibit art, keep the necessary items for their expression, and the delight of it.

Cocinas RE en el Mercado de la Carne

“El Jueves” Market_ Social Rehabilitation in Seville’s centre

JR_06      Argimiro Macías / Francisco Martínez / Carmen Morales / Teresa Quero
Conexiones Santa Cruz


Inés Aznares López_Pablo García Rendón_Baltasar González Benítez_Iñigo Rubio Paredes

Recuperación de lugares olvidados (Espacios entre bloques)

RH-05 Public Awareness Platform




The goal of this proyect is to make an approach to the most important natural icon in Seville, the river. The Guadalquivir is a wide extension that cross the city, and provides an escape, avoiding urban stress. Through this proyect, we try to bring the visitor direct to the river level. It does not only provide an unique point of view, but also forces the inhabitants to participate, reinforcing their relationship with the bridge we have choosen for its emplacement, the “Puente de Triana”.



OT PROPOSAL : A new space built with aluminum cans to swap stories and thoughts

López González_Carlota

López-Cepero Algeciras_Mercedes

CG_E_01 Pedro A. Tolosa_Matías Yunes Leites_Francisco Muñoz Jimenez_Juan Antonio Martínez Maldonado

Market “Puerta de la Carne”
Old Cádiz Station (San Bernardo,Seville)

In order to give a new value to this space, we are going to set different uses along the day, getting a continous used space.  In this way, we set three different uses along the day, separated on;  morning market activities, afternoon playful activities and night eventual events. At the first one, our proposal can create a space specially organized to the comercial activity. The second one, afternoon playful activities, searchs to stablish a new order around several bigger spaces where families could play. The third one, night eventual events, is looking for nocturnal activities like night expositions, restaurants, bar, scenic shows, etc… We propose a multi-disciplinar space enough on itself,  matter what time or activity you want to realise.


Pedro A. Tolosa_Matías Yunes Leites_Francisco Muñoz Jimenez_Juan Antonio Martínez Maldonado


New Social Center Hytasa (Sevilla)


CG-E-03: Fátima Henares Gómez, Noelia Hernández Pérez, Verónica Mª Palenzuela Luis, Mª del Carmen Uceda Torres


When the rain comes … something happens



RH12 Gondola Station

Adaptation of the old gondola station of the Expo 92 for exploitation as playful and social attraction




Our procedure is performed in the historic center of Seville. It seems interesting to take part in it because it has a great historical significance.


Hola. Somos Juan Antonio Gragera Carrasco, Alejandro Manuel Márquez Rodríguez, Álvaro Ruiz Ruiz y Francisco Zapata Jaraiz. En nuestro proyecto trataremos de cualificar un área central del eje del río Guadalquivir que es muy utilizada por la gente durante su ocio y que nunca ha tenido un tratamiento adecuado.

Hello. We are Juan Antonio Gragera Carrasco, Alejandro Manuel Márquez Rodríguez, Álvaro Ruiz Ruiz y Francisco Zapata Jaraiz. In our project we will try to qualify a central area of the River Guadalquivir axis that is widely used by people for their leisure and has never had a proper treatment.


SIESTUS – lost in the echo

Makes reference to all the effort and hard work students put in, and goes to waste because of the long sleepless hours they spend trying to get a high grade. It features an architecture student working alone at night, getting more and more desperate as the night becomes day. It´s a funny way of saying – WE NEED A BREAK.

Click on the screen below to check our proposal…


iJob [Temporary Offices in Seville]

Juan Carlos Barrio López – Jorge Delgado-Aguilera Romero – Javier Hernández López

Analysis of the location.

The project is located in La Plaza de San Francisco in Seville. We studied the reality that the city shows and the different activities that take place in our square in order to potential Seville’s existing premises in the place where we are working.

Alba Cid Duques_María Flores García_Óscar Cejudo Corbalán_Laura Sánchez Barroso

JR_E2_Flamenco en la Torre Mira



RH_09-Urban Toy_Fill the Gap


Urban Toy_Fill the Gap

Juan Miguel Bienvenido_Ignacio Sabariego_María Velasco






Aurora Fernández de los Rios Murillo

Victoria Patricia López Cabeza

Clara Natera Fijo

Beatriz Nieto Sierra

MO-E05_Post1_Lunch Area for Students


RH02_Post1_New layer: rooftops connection

This project centers on two main concepts: perfectibility and spaces reactivation.

Regarding the first, we try to apply it to buildings for residential use: think about small volumes (closed or not) sticking to one of the “five fronts” of a building.

On the second, placing us in Sevilla, we conclude that this is not just happens in specific places but there is a “layer” to a specific urban height that crosses the city and whose use is largely forgotten: the rooftops.

Starting from the natural attraction that owns the architecture (being understood in all its scope, from a building to a signal at a crossroad), our proposal would consist of reviving this “layer” of the city by making connections between roofs and creating spaces for exhibition, meeting, live music, etc., that would work temporarily and intermittently.

Rooftops Connections


JR06_ Blasco_ Frenández_Santos_Sayago

JR01_post1_Activation of Guadalquivir’s riverside

 The place where we want to do the project is the riverside between the Cristo de la Espiración’s bridge and Isabel’s bridge. This location is needed of equipment so we propose built a pavement that unite a serie of uses. 

 El lugar donde pretendemos hacer el proyecto es en la rivera del Río Guadalquivir, entre el puente del Cristo de la Expiración y el puente de Isabel. Esta ubicación está necesitada de equipamientos, por lo que proponemos construir un pavimento que conecte una serie de usos entre sí. 


Angélica Juan Muñoz
Antonio López Vázquez
Jesús Mª López-Ladrón Gª de la Borbolla
Nazaret Millán García
JR03 [post1]_Talleres de arquitectura en naves del puerto de sevilla


Temporal houses to temporary persons

In Seville, near of a principal train station, we localizated a piece of land. It´s a place without anythingd and we think how many times we go to other places traveling to one night, or how many people must go to other city to work only for one day… All this suppositions in this localization makes our think about how can we do the urbanization, make a flexibility space where it can absorve diferents uses.

Dear Students,
welcome to the design Studio and to the ALFA III ADU2020 Project.
We invite you to know more about the ADU project on the official website, pressing on the Logo, and to take a look on the Brief, Calendar and Tasks. The File button will be our tool to share internal studio information. The Add New Post button will be our tool to upload tasks and works in different stages. (see calendar).
Wishing the best for all, let’s start working!.
Estimados estudiantes,

Bienvenidos al Proyecto Piloto de ALFA III ADU_2020, que es parte de la Comunidad Europea (Europeaid) y de 18 instituciones de Educación Superior de Latino-América y Europa. Trabajaremos en paralelo con talleres de otros 17 paises más y cada estudio tendrá paises-pareja de trabajo.
Los invitamos a saber más sobre el proyecto ADU, También a explorar el blog y echar un vistazo en el calendario, Programa y Tareas. El botón “file” será nuestra herramienta para compartir información. El botón “Add new post” será nuestra herramienta para subir las tareas y sus trabajos en diferentes etapas del curso. (ver calendario para saber cuando hay tareas comentadas).

Deseando lo mejor para todos, entonces que comience el trabajo!.