Catalina Kutscher y Rosario Mena

Our archetype are homeless people sleeping on the banks of the Mapocho River.
They have over 20 years using the bridges as a roof, and the privacy afforded by the natural barrier of the river. Therefore they have generated systems to satisfy their basics needs.
The projects seeks to formalize the actual situation and take advantage of the landscape of the river bank to generate integration and increase the feeling of security, connecting the city and the river.
We seek to give them privacy and at the same time make them appear in society. It would create visual control to improve safety and drug abuse under bridges.
We will intervene 3 bridges where action points are generated and study the sectors with greater flow, demarcate a limit to the highest river flows, enhance existing routes in the river, formalize strategic access points with emergency stairs and evaluate lighting and signage.

Master Plan:                                                                                                                  Green areas:

Flows:                                                                                                                              Bridges:




Tomás Bravo y Hugo García

María Ignacia Larraín y Miguel Ángel Reyes