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Catalina Kutscher y Rosario Mena

Our archetype are homeless people sleeping on the banks of the Mapocho River.
They have over 20 years using the bridges as a roof, and the privacy afforded by the natural barrier of the river. Therefore they have generated systems to satisfy their basics needs.
The projects seeks to formalize the actual situation and take advantage of the landscape of the river bank to generate integration and increase the feeling of security, connecting the city and the river.
We seek to give them privacy and at the same time make them appear in society. It would create visual control to improve safety and drug abuse under bridges.
We will intervene 3 bridges where action points are generated and study the sectors with greater flow, demarcate a limit to the highest river flows, enhance existing routes in the river, formalize strategic access points with emergency stairs and evaluate lighting and signage.

Master Plan:                                                                                                                  Green areas:

Flows:                                                                                                                              Bridges:




Tomás Bravo y Hugo García

María José Díaz y Catalina Moraga

In Chile, there are many private and governmental initiatives that try to give a solution to the problems of the homeless people. Almost all of them are focus in assistance, but in the last years many organizations have turned their focus into social rehabilitation. For this process to be effective, the main problem to be attacked should be that all the institutions that works with these issues work separately. Rehabilitation, employment, and the psychological support for the effective reintegration to society are separate programs that operate in different institutions and in different places, which are, in many times, far away one from another.

All of this ends affecting the participants of the program, and also without bring actual continuity and correct monitoring to the process of reintegration; this is why the effectiveness of the programs is very low. On the other hand, the problem is on the homeless people itself, specificly in how they use their free time. In most of the cases the huge amount of this “leisure time” only helps to get their addictions problems to get into a even worst situation, instead of using it in a positive and productive way.

The idea is to improve the effectiveness of the reinsertion program with the creation of a building that integrates its main functions: Day center and Reinsertion (Employment, Social Reintegration, and rehabilitation) with the possibility of participate in temporally housing program. The programs are meant to work in a three-floor building, which symbolically represent the process from assent forward to reinsertion. To accomplish the last thing, the access, the space between the street and the interior, and the flexibility of the spaces to allow different uses is crucial.

Victoria Rojas y Francesco Borgi

The project addresses the issue of lack of coordination between institutions and volunteer aid groups.
We create collaborative networks, to organize and improve the quality and process of the assistance provided to homeless. For this we have designed a system of support networks that consists in a virtual and a physical platform, allowing instant, efficient and low cost help.
To cope the winter, the virtual platform (mobile application) will record data in real time for instant coordination of all volunteers and is also connected to centralized warehouses, storage structures that allow for basic survival elements of a person on the street (food, blankets, warm clothing, building materials, medical kit, etc).
The temporary structures will be in particular shelters that are near increased flow of people.






Fernanda Errazuriz y Camila Polette

Rural Net is a project that deals with the street situation in half rural context throughout Chile. The initiative comes as a response to the fact that there is no awareness of the particularities and differences of this, with respect to the urban context; therefore no specific measures have been taken to deal with it. Lack of centrality and public services are the main obstacles to deal with this situation. The project solves these problems through an interconnected system that improves the quality of life of homeless people and the entire community. The system consist of an immobile and a mobile part, acting interconnected: Headquarter associated with public institution, Mobile Operation Centers that go through the different Street Stops and provide services, Street Stops with public bathrooms that also act as bus stop and public access to water sources.