Week 1: Territorial tactics-Site analysis-Density-Connectivity-Relation center/periphery
Week 2: Generation of new centralities-Meaning of spaces
Week 3: The Market as intangible heritage

Step 1: Share background of other partners (~ 20th August )

Week 4: Analysis of texts-Search for referents;creation of data files-clue words as a conceptual synthesis
Week 5: Conceptual framework: architectural stance
Week 6: Comparative analysis of the real estate marke t- The hotel as an economical-financial motor
Week 7: Definition of the program-Economical sustainability-Definition of the product and expected target.

Step 2: comparison of partner outcomes: mid way (~ 03th September)

Week 8: Relation of the building/s with environment and user

Review by other partners: mid way (~ 10th September)

Week 9: Definition of language and composition-Façade studies-Sustainability in the design
Week 10: Sustainable Aesthetics
Week 11: Presentation of the Research of the LABPRA group
Week 12: Bioclimatic study of the architectural skin
Week 13: Constructive systems-proposals for appropriate structural design
Week 14: Working drawings and documents

Step 3: comparison of partner final work outcomes (~ 22th October)


* ADU 2020 shared activities