Week 1: Mapping of students commuting to school, using google earth, understanding city of flows.
Week 2: Site vists, initial photographic surveys, itineraries and information gathering.
Week 3: Pooling information, internal pinup and discussion, group mappings.
Week 4: Case studies and categorization of urban locales and spaces, heterogeneity, inequality, Mobility/connectivity, and contrasts are themes.

Step 1: Share background of other partners ( 3 September )

Week 5: Definition of intervention locales.
Week 6: Scopes and scales of intervention.
Week 7: First conceptual design intention

Step 2: comparison of partner outcomes: mid way ( 17 September)

Week 8: Design representation and construction of user experience

Review by other partners: mid way ( 24 September)

Weeks 9-14: Urban Design Studio Critique
Week 14: Pre-final review
Week 15, 16: Charrette

Term Exam Date

Final Review

Step 3: comparison of partner final work outcomes  (14 December)

* ADU 2020 shared activities