Week 1 : Course presentation and first assignment
Week 2 : Visiting professionals from other fields .
Week 3 : First results of reading and mapping.

Step 1: Share background of other partners

Week 4: Presentation of basic readings and mapping.
Week 5: Studio work Sessions
Week 6: Visiting professionals from other fields.
Week 7: Studio work Sessions

Step 2: comparison of partner outcomes: mid way

Week 8: First output of projects and strategies.

Review by other partners: mid way

Week 9: References and example presentations.
Week 10: Studio work Sessions.
Week 11: Visiting professionals from other fields.
Week 12: Studio work Sessions
Week 13: Studio work Sessions
Week 14: Reviews by teachers of other local Studios
Week 15: Studio work Sessions
Week 16: Final Presentation of PPP results.

Step 3: comparison of partner final work outcomes

 * ADU 2020 shared activities