Catarina Guerra+ Diana Sousa + Inês Câmara


Alba González + Leticia Quintanilla + Raquel Souto

Our propose is  to strengthen the local community relations from the threatening scenario of the mega projects going on in the entitled Porto Maravilha. We proposed a network of housing developments in the fringes of Morro da Conceição, mainly in Sacadura Cabral and Senador Pompeu streets, as well as networks of public equipments and public open spaces to activate street liveness.

Map of urban situations. potential use of lots and building stock

Connections in the ground floor

Network of new housing opportunities









Cultural networks




Justine Duval  + Claire Nadolski

Revise in-block relations, open their borders to the city, occupying the inside vacant lots and formalizing the current garbage recycle structures within the neighborhood.

New private and public interactions within the block and to the streets.

New accesses in order to centralize the proposed open/air activities


Typical street view layout: today and proposed

Patio perspective

New commercial and cultural areas within the blocks.