What does co-habiting means?What does a person want from his surroundings?What ensures well-being? There are many questions that must be answered when it comes to design a place for a lot and different reople. These could be summarized in three variables, with three possible values each: What am i doing? – Where? – With who? The 1st variable is about what a person does: Work, Rest, Fun. The 2nd is about the places where these activities can happen: Private houses, Public buildings, Open spaces. And the 3rd is about the degree of collegiality that can characterize each individual’s activity: Alone, With familiars, With strangers. At this point we need to analyze the escalation of privacy that a space (closed or open) can have: Individual < Family < Neighborhood < District. With all this in mind, we can reach the conclusion that there is not the perfect model, the ideal ONE solution. How one wants to live-resides-cohabits vary from person to person. Co-habiting for some may be associated with the collectivity (CO-habiting), while for others can simply be a proximity where everyone has his unaltered identity (co-HABITING). What we can do in our attempt to meet the needs of the majority, is to create appropriate conditions to fulfill the different desires. Of course, the strict separation of regions is not our goal. Limits are not strict and different region characters enter fluidly to each other. These different characters are translated with different density and different building heights.

Authority in the morphological part of design is the new cube of Rubik, that while being a compact and strict regimen, consists of uneven pieces, which as they move, they create different shapes deconstructing increasingly the original cube.

With the relative densities of the regions from the chromatic diagram, next thing to do is to determine the grid on which the buildings will be placed. Following a procedure in which denser grid means denser construction, we arrive at an elastic and fluid form.






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