Location D: Contemporary shopping venues, theme parks and vacant land scattered The study area is located east of the urban area of the city. The main activities developed in this part of the city, are trade and recreation, while a large part of it, consists of unstructured spaces in forms of farmlands. The built environment is not a result of urban planning as the activities commercial or recreational are found scattered with no connection between them. There is also minimal residential development and several structured spaces with no use. Access to the area is mainly done by car and public transport through the two large arterial roads that surround it. Τhe advisement about the safety of pedestrians inside the done properly. This situation arises largely from the major shopping centers and leisure facilities, which is the main source of attracting people for specific activities – needs. As for the green areas, the shortage is obvious, since there are no organized green spaces, only scattered trees separating the freehold land. The lack of greenery helps to diffuse noise from various sources disturbance. In summary, this is one area where housing is almost non-existent, while the activities of commerce and leisure is very intense. The large unstructured spaces offers a habitable perspective of the area, in such a case, however, great attention should be given to the safety of the pedestrians and the recreation of well designed green spaces. At the same time the built space which is currently empty could accommodate cultural uses that contribute to the quality of life in the region. The road network is organized to ensure better communication between existing functions and their consistency with new uses. To ensure the (urban) continuity in the area, a traffic network was created more pedestrian-friendly, for both the resident and visitor, which sometimes coexists with roads and other stands out from it, forming local widenings, view points and recreation areas, parks. Combined with a filter-zone at the boundary with the peripheral road and the unified waterfront where all the vertical routes end. Actions _Unification of Recreational and commercial centers of attraction _Better quality of the urban environment and regeneration projects _Better Transportation and communication _Development of a road system With proper definition of the building terms we seek to achieve what we originally thought. Cooperation proposals with the land owners for public benefit.

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