The term of co-habitation refers to the space where the need for social interaction (random or on purpose( is gathered . Co-habitation is a platform of various uses taking place, where either it contains parts in invigoration or not, traction or repulsion, act and react, all these transformed by social vectors up, down or on the surface of the ground. The housing -the most private space a man can have- is given mostly on the surface of the platform in a way that exposes itself at its most. Entertaining and workplace are combined, with the first to be forced upwards and the workplace downwards. At the same time transportation takes action under, over and parallel to the ground level.

The housing system is formed by 20 rectangular buildings which are connected in vertically, and out with the space they share in the cellular layout. The needs of cohabitation are complemented by an underground transport-connection system, while the same time the term ”passage” is amplified in the ground level through the rest housing spaces. Workplaces and places of entertainment are basically diametrically opposed but their terminations are located in the ground level.


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