The main objective of the team was, initially, the respect of the concept of cohabitation, where residents live/ work/ cohabitate harmoniously, with a balance between private and public life. Furthermore, a model of dynamic growth of the settlement (sygkatoikein) was sought, so as its spread and size could keep pace with people’s needs and respond to different choices. At the same time, it was a choice of the team to base the initial idea on attributes that are identified in the entire area given to design, so that the proposal relates to the entire environment in any sub-region to be placed.

So, having identified the cores of the different uses spotted in the area and their dynamic intensities, voronoi system was chosen as the original development model because it allows for dynamic, flexible and unpredictable deployment of units. Those “use” cores were defined as the centers of the voronoi units, while their heights were determined by the size of the intensity.  The unit can be continuously spreading organically in every direction, based on the reproduction of the original centers / points, depending on the preferences of the inhabitants. Each piece of the puzzle is a habitation module that can combine homes, public spaces and work.

Between the occupied space there are “gaps” that can be used as common courtyards of the surrounding buildings. Furthermore, there will be: common use spaces that relate to all units (community). As a result, we have two scales for shared space: internal courtyards for a group of buildings and the common areas on all units (community) Finally, the distances between the subunits also change parametrically depending, every time, on the heights of the elevations.







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