In this post, we will see the SIESTUS taking shape. How we make this project come true, and why…
Check the lastest update on our proposal on the link below

structure & grasshopper

The conception of the external structure and the whole project is based on the use of PARAMETRIC DESIGN in architecture.

Grasshopper® is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, it requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows us to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring. (Click on the upper link for more information about generative modelling)

sleeping pod

Original and innovative, a sleeping pod offers a sanctuary for rest in an otherwise busy enviroment. The power-nap has been repeatedly proven to significantly increase an individual´s work capacity. An inexpensive way to lessen the boredom and fatigue of a wait wherever and for whatever reason.

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