Grupo JR_07. Payphone.rar // Cabina.rar

Mª Ángeles Freytas García, Juan Carlos Lagares Cáceres, Verónica Rodríguez Vergara y Carlos Sánchez Sanabria.

Asignatura Otras Tecnologías 4ºB ETSA Sevilla 4-FEB-2013.


There is, inherent in every metropolitan area, a hidden system under the city movement. These are the telephone boxes or payphones. It is not just a particular “opportunity whole” inside the city, but instead, telephone boxes becomes strategic points waiting to be discovered. The clue is in their nature of small items connected that make sense in the complexion of the area in general as the existing network between them.

Since their invention, the amount of telephone boxes has being growing in the city. They have construct places with a lot of people, talking and waiting their turn. The key of the project is in understanding the cabins as a complex network already existing in the city, living together with society moves. The importance is not in the object but in recovering the flows of people that existed before the commercialization of mobile phones.

Payphone.rar // Cabina.rar (Video introducing the concepts)

¿What would happen if we compress telephone boxes, as they were files? ¿What if we concentrate all their nature into a flagstone? We bet on the future with the project cabinas.RAR where technology is introduced as an alternative to oxidized urban cubicles. The objective is changing present relationships and looking for new ways of communication and information far from mobile phones. These spaces, where people go around telephone boxes as they are avoiding obstacles, need to be changed. We bet on accommodating new functions capable of agglomerating people again. In some way, this project look forward converting these spaces from dispersion to connection.

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