The idea is based on integrating the “morro” into the port Maravilla project and relate it to the rest of the city, not so much like a physical  and concrete, if not by an analytic relationship from urban organization. For this, look the main directions of the original growth of the city streets and how each tissue evolve to penetrate inside the Morro but topography prevented this natural growth. And so, create a series of points (“postos”) on various urban voids organized according to these directions that integrate all urban tissue in the “Morro” and vice versa. These streets formed by points (postos) rather than by lines: each of these points solve an urban void and each of the imaginary lines are the extension of the streets of the various tissues around the Morro. its streets are composed of dots, so the topography is not a problem and the identity of the Morro is not transformed, is complemented. Similarly, all posts respond to the same type, but this varies according to the specific need of its location. Its use can rotate from one to another depending on the day to serve equally to all areas and advantage residents (like old people in the Morro) who can not travel long distances by themselves. A project of urban relationship as a social center in a big scale.









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