Martin Heidegger in his text “to build, to inhabit, to think” makes to us very clear that: The “to inhabit” does not define the house as a building or as a place to live but speaks about the way we dwell and realize the meaning of the house. In conclusion he said that the human being first of all he must learn to experience a place, to build his environment and uses it daily, so that he can be “among things” and give his place a character.

In this project the concept of the cohabitation is being deconstructed. This meaning then could be used to describe any form of cohabitation in a common place. People live together in everyday life for many reasons. We can see that when they have common interests or elements or goals, living together can be harmonious and of course the opposite cannot be afforded. What I say is that we can have a cohabitation existing an ideal distance between the units. This distance defines the personal space of each one and creates the limits of a creative adjacency.

In Architecture the cohabitation can be interpreted so that the limits differ along with the needs of every time. This state is very much alike with the biological world and then we have new ways of communication, new means of transportation and new forms.

Trying to create a city that the citizens can live together and experience the same things in their houses brings us to a futuristic formative attribution which to be created we need the upgrade of the technical and technological knowledge. We must assume the way the transports will be working and imagine people with more developed spirituality and education.

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