The relationship (spatial, psychological, social ) between cohabitation and social living has always been a challenge as far as urban design and living scenarios were concerned. In present times, the demands of social living and cohabitation have changed. We believe that today, people want to have the certainty of an absolutely private space, with clear boundaries. According to “bottom-up design” and techniques ,and considering the parameter of time, we examined forms this relationship could take and tried to give out some basic synecdoches and living modules that could make this relationship work and reserve a healthy and pleasant environment for the inhabitants. Our basic goals were the following: -organization of the project according to a basic axe – clear separation of private and public spaces -autonomy of the module -possibility of “reading” the building from the outside -exploitation of space in height -private spaces have sight on the public spaces -possibility of expanding the module (both in height and in length) -creation of common public spaces between the subunits (floors) and between the general units (the entire block)

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