Ewa Kaszuba, team 6

Micro Strategy

Briefly described, our strategy can be characterized with:

- providing affordable housing for young singles and families;

- providing affordable working spaces for enterprising people;

- decreasing car dependency within suburbia;

- transforming the suburb’s street from a “non-place” to an active space;

- going back from car-scale to human-scale;

- increasing social interaction within the neighbourhood using architectural and spatial methods.

The main point is to increase productivity of the area by adding extra space that can be used in different way according to the needs of habitants. The placement of new structure is based on a careful analysis of the area, mostly concerning visibility which gives the feeling of ownership and privacy. Suburbia needs to evolve into more diverse space but the way of making changes has to take in mind people living there.

The newly defined structure is based on a grid which has the same dimensions everywhere. Thanks to this the structure can be expanded in case if it would be needed.  Because of small dimensions it is easily adaptable to existing buildings.

This way of dealing with suburbia gives it necessary identity and density to create a human scale neighborhood. New buildings are meant to be lighter and temporary but not to give the feeling of temporality as in campsite. They melt into the site and are placed so that the street scape changes in favor of pedestrians.


As mention earlier new structures can consist of many different types with different usage. Few of the possibilities are mentioned on the graphic.

The buildings are placed on structural columns so some of them can be built only on 1st floor so that they don’t block the necessary visibility on the street level.


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