_ the proposal seeks to give a new identity in order to differentiate itself from the existing environment.

_ possible to intervene in the area because of the many unexploited urban spaces.

_ the model we propose is a kind of cohabitation composed of private homes supplemented by shared facilities.

_ a key feature of this model is its flexibility according to the visual flee in all directions, forming a wedge shapes.

_ the shared green space is another key feature. The logic of green roofs, sometimes accessible and sometimes not, in their development as they run across the whole building, recommends stops, gatherings and actions , working binding.

_ formation of private and public spaces that serve the needs of modern living.

_ orientation of living rooms, yards and balconies in relation to the sun and the sights.

_ in the middle is organized a central public core, in direct interaction with the existing buildings, which is accessible on the ground floor through the lateral galleries.

_ the character of the central core has mixed use (╬▒ccommodation, entertainment, shopping, employment and recreational activities) are all available in the immediate vicinity and preferably within walking distance.

_ the housing building consists of apartments and houses for habitation, where different types of families will live in these units. The forms of cohabitation should not be limited to the existing family model.

_ residents also share activities which may include gardening, child care centers, offices, access to internet, recreational and educational opportunities.

_ its ideal for people who have an apartment, but do not want to feel isolated within it.

_ the design encourages both social contact and personal space. Private homes contain all the features of conventional homes, but residents also have access to extensive common facilities.

_ the beauty of the co – housing model is that every resident has the freedom to choose how much or how less they wish to participate in this lifestyle.

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