Exclusive spaces – Spaces of exclusion
Turot: Martine De Maeseneer
Theoretical component teacher: Dirk Jaspaert
Students: Aline Stas, Hicham Hajib, Nina Korkach, Ruta Valiunaite
Brussels pentagon area is becoming alienated as people do not find enough qualities for living in it. Suburban lifestyle is perceived as a perfect living condition. As a result, in such metropolis as Brussels there is a need of implementing “compact city” ideas and providing city center with appropriable spaces and especially in such an exclusive area like La Monnaie in the very city of Brussels.
La Monnaie square with its surrounding buildings lies in the core of Brussels center where two parallels are merging – two opposite scales and identities. Historically it has been along the main access connecting south and north city nodes. However, the construction of Aanschpachlaan has pushed it to a secondary matter. In addition to this, a new high-rise Monnaie center has blocked any possible links in between and has risen as a monument for modernism era. This is why partly empty office building in a concept of exclusive spaces, spaces of exclusion has become a target point to create a compact living dwelling with in the heart of the city center.
To be able to create a building that merges within the surrounding area and gives possibility of qualitative living space we took an approach from personal memories and experiences that compose of: communication through indirectness, meaning spaces being used for not only their initial matter allowing sudden discoveries and interchangeability, such as new friendships, and freedom to change, meaning being able to change reacting to an individual need.
We treat the building as a living space where unexpected interactions can happen and people are constantly mixing, changing their experiences, spending time together, interact with the city itself. For this we create an atrium as a community space. Indirect communication while being able to see but not to be seen is possible there. Community space (atrium) becomes no longer a mono-functional space with clear boundaries but entirely interwoven with the structure of the building, all spaces overlap, modernistic approach towards layering is absolutely deconstructed. With our project we open new possibilities for the city center to invite people for living suggesting new dwelling typologies.




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