Point of departure

The city of Gothenburg is a fragmented city. The fragmentation is present in the city centre, due to infrastructure and dispersed islands of regeneration, and is strongly present in the physical and social division lines towards the periphery of the city: the suburbs, the industrial harbour and the islands of the archipelago.


Urban interventions

The studio will approach the fragmented Gothenburg city landscape as an archipelago of islands, both in terms of the fragmented city centre and a periphery consisting of both of natural islands and the socio-economical and segregated islands of the suburbs. We will apply the definition and understanding of an archipelago: as a network of islands stretching over a water landscape, and use the notion of an archipelago as a tool for defining urban areas, and propose how to strengthen local communities and their identity.

Below are the urban islands identified by the students with a brief description of their main issues.

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