// Catriona Macdonald, Carlota Marques de Amorim, Lambert Lempereur, Tom Smith

"What if we could strengthen our island's local conditions with a community building / cultural park?"

Between the Opera (Christina Nilssons gata), Sankt Eriksgatan and Casino (Packhusplatsen) is an area that is physically and functionally segregated and fragmented from the rest of the adjacent city centre due to poor infrastructure and dispersed islands of regeneration.

Göteborg has long been shaped by the development of its harbour. As Scandinavia’s largest harbour, the city has changed from being a significant port and industrial city, to one of industry in decline and one of the most threatened / exposed cities for sea level rise and flooding in Sweden.

In its current condition the site illustrates: a barrier to the riverfront; weak identity; inefficient use of space / lack of purpose; undefined access routes; anti-climax; and a topographical separation from adjacent urban fabric.

“Waterfronts of the Nordic are emblematic of the vitality and effectiveness of new cultural energies.” (The Building Art: The Social Art; Peter MacKeith; 2012)

A strong point of a city is its diversity, which facilitates meetings between people across interests, ages, social status and religious affiliation.

We see the potential of the site as a place for: varying circadian uses; mixed seasonal activity; city markers; a strong culmination point of Västra Hamngatan; emphasising the city’s relationship to the waterfront; and turning normally disadvantageous flooding risk into opportunity .

Our idea is to use the existing street patterns to delineate islands of activity, chosen for their cultural associations with the people of Gothenburg; with street confluences denoting important ‘nodes’. The site  itself determines location of function, from quiet to loud, wet to dry, in terms of the current activity and topography.

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